BRLO Charlottenburg
BRLO Charlottenburg

We are excited to celebrate the opening of our new gastropub in a charming Charlottenburg location on 10/13/2023, bringing the love of diverse beer and reinterpreted brewpub cuisine to Berlin's west side. In addition to a large interior with seating for 100 around the central bar with 20 taps and a separée, there will be a large outdoor terrace on the beautiful Meyerinckplatz. Culinarily, BRLO will also focus mainly on vegetarian cuisine at this location, but will also offer high-quality meat side dishes.

The new BRLO Gastropub at Giesebrechtstraße 15 presents not only an impressive beer selection, but also a predominantly vegetarian cuisine with a focus on vegetables from the rotisserie. Delicious side dishes such as Kikok chicken and rolled roast of Dry Aged Mangalitza pork are served, prepared with passion and dedication by an international kitchen team led by Thorsten Einicke. At the 20 taps you will find the whole variety of the BRLO beer world: from German classics like Pils to regional heroes like Berliner Weisse to American IPAs and strictly limited special beers. To complement this, we present BRLO beer cocktails created by bartender Arnd Henning Heißen, which further refine the diversity of beer flavors. The wine list was created together with Viniculture. 

With around 140 seats indoors, a lunch and dinner offer from 12:00 to 22:00 and an open bar until at least 2:00, we Charlottenburg offers a suitable place for every kind of occasion and welcomes its guests.

To meet the needs of the neighborhood, BRLO Charlottenburg will also offer a Späti with a growler station where guests can conveniently take home draft beer, bottled and canned beers, and merchandise. In this way, the restaurant will also become a local supplier for the neighborhood.

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"We are overjoyed to open our doors in Charlottenburg and inspire people with our passion for beer, food and exceptional ambience. With our wide selection of beers, diverse culinary offerings and the first BRLO Späti, we want to be not just a restaurant and pub, but a place where the neighborhood feels at home," says Ben Pommer, BRLO's general manager. "In addition, we feel it is a special honor to modernize one of Charlottenburg's institutions after so many successful years, while preserving a piece of Berlin tradition. For the opening and as a tribute, we have therefore brewed an Irish Stout that bears the name "The Harp"."

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