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BRLO was founded in 2014 by Katharina Kurz, Christian Laase and Michael Lembke in Berlin and brews and distributes craft beer.



A Franconian, a Berliner and a Mecklenburger founded the Berlin beer brand BRLO in 2014. Two of them - Katharina Kurz and Christian Laase - already knew each other from their studies. Master brewer Michael Lembke is the third person in the group who shared the vision and has been the mastermind of BRLO beers since the beginning. The BRLO team was only really complete in 2016, when Ben Pommer joined the founding crew and since then has been responsible for the culinary concept of BRLO gastronomy with his unmistakable passion, and is now driving BRLO's expansion as Managing Director. 

Michael Lembke



While BRLO started out renting brewing capacity at friendly breweries, as its popularity grew, so did its desire to have its own location. Because we at BRLO think: Beer needs a home.

In 2016, the time had finally come: construction of the BRLO BRWHOUSE began on a brownfield site in the middle of Kreuzberg and, when completed, will house the first BRLO brewery. This is where all BRLO beers will be brewed and bottled and kegged from now on. The finished brewery combines the best technology with a modular and distinctive BRLO design.
The completion is to this day one of the most beautiful moments for brewmaster, Michael Lembke.



The BRLO BRWHOUSE opens its doors in 2017 in the middle of Berlin at Gleisdreieck and offers a home made of 38 converted overseas containers. It is home to the company's own brewery and gastronomy with a beer garden under the management of Ben Pommer.

The BRLO BRWHOUSE is Germany's first vegetable-focused brewery gastronomy, with regional and high-quality meat as a side dish. Brewery tours in their own microbrewery are a must.

The location has won awards not only for its architecture, but above all for its gastronomic concept. The BRWHOUSE has been listed in the Gault & Millau since 2018.



With BRLO CHICKEN&BEER, our exquisite offshoot opened in 2018 in the world-famous KaDeWe, the Kaufhaus des Westens, in Berlin. In the delicatessen department, we offer the popular BRLO beer range, together with a chicken grill.

Just as in the BRLO BRWHOUSE, the focus in KaDeWe is on the regionality and sustainability of the raw materials and ingredients used. That's why only Kikok corn-fed chickens from sustainable farms are grilled here.

Craft Centre Berlin



With BRLO CHICKEN & BEER, our delicious offshoot was opened in the world famous KaDeWe, the department store of West Berlin. In the space, we offer the popular BRLO beer range together with a chicken grill, but just like in BRLO BRWHOUSE, the focus in KaDeWe is on the regionality and sustainability of the raw materials and ingredients used. That's why only Kikok corn chickens from sustainable farming are served.



The original two types of beer, Helles and Pale Ale, have now become eight: Starting with the Helles, through the Pale Ale to the Happy Pils, German IPA, Porter and the non-alcoholic Naked to original Berliner Weisse and the latest addition - Our West Coast IPA. Most varieties are even available in handy 4-packs since this year.
The BRLO can Core Range has been available since 2020 and includes the Hazy IPA Blurry Vision, Berliner Weisse with strawberries - Berlin Jam as well as the non-alcoholic Naked and the popular Happy Pils. In 2021, BRLO has expanded the product line again, offering BIO certified cider in three varieties: Classic Apple, Rosé, Wild Berries. (DE-ÖKO-070). 2021 new addition is also our 2nd non-alcoholic beer: BRLO ZERO.5. Sustainably brewed with no longer saleable bread from the Berlin organic bakery Zeit für Brot.

In addition, specials and collab brews with friendly breweries, artists, musicians and creative people join again and again.

Our history

WE have been passionately brewing craft & modern beer in Berlin since 2014.


BRLO values

We combine the best quality, responsibility and Berlin's attitude to life in a stylish way to create a unique beer and brand experience.


Berlin, our home, has an immistakeable edge — intense, lively and self-confident—just like us.


Quality as a standard is the basis for our sustainable and long-term success. We are demanding and dynamic, and want to be the leader of our competition.


For our environment, employees, partners, customers and guests. We are socially committed, stand up for equality and tolerance and are both honest and fair.


Our customers and guests are looked after with a personal, professional, and reliable attitude. This is how we create a special kind of beer and brand experience.


We are not afraid of making mistakes and are constantly evolving. We love our beer and work every day to push our mission forward.

CO2 Footprint

As a small company, we care a lot about making our processes sustainable and using our raw materials as efficiently as possible. In 2021, we started to calculate ourCO2 footprint with the Klimatech start-up Planetly, determine measures for reduction and then offset them via selected climate protection projects. Unfortunately, Planetly was surprisingly shut down from one day to the next at the end of November 2022, and with it our access to the established calculation processes (which can't really be automated yet for a manufacturing company) and data. This showed us how vulnerable the system of suchCO2 start-ups is, all working with their own "climate seals". Currently, we are in the process of regrouping here, learning about possible new partners* and approaches, and planning next steps. We will therefore no longer carry the "climate neutral production" seal with immediate effect, but bottles with the Planetly logo will probably still be on sale for a few months. Our goal is still to measure our footprint accurately and to derive measures for medium- and long-term reduction step by step. We will inform you here about further steps!

All beginnings are difficult

We know that there are still many things we can improve to make ourCO2 emissions, energy balance and use of resources even more sustainable. However, it is important for us to start the process and grow with our challenges in the coming years.


In 2021, we recalculated our emissions for 2020 and based on that, calculated an estimate of emissions for 2021 that we offset. In total, ourCO2 emissions amount to 2,935tCO2.



With our beers, we bring the Berlin joie de vivre in liquid from directly into the bottle, the can and the keg. It is important to us that our beers are brewed in a modern and artisanal way. We are inspired by both local and international beer styles.


During production, we rely on small, properly inspected quantities and production almost without filtration in order to preserve important and healthy nutrients. What goes into the brewing kettle is carefully selected by our brewmasters. Whether it's beer or our BIO certified cider, we rely on organic malts and malting barley, as well as regional and organic ingredients. Responsible and sustainable use of our raw materials also includes the selection of our suppliers and partners.


At our two brewery locations in Berlin Kreuzberg and Spandau, we have a total brewing capacity of just over 30,000 hectolitres. In addition, our brewery in Spandau is organically certified and has a tunnel pasteuriser. While in Kreuzberg we focus mainly on experimental BRLO specialities and on supplying our own beergarden, in Spandau we are working on our own bottling, canning and kegging in order to be able to offer BRLO beyond the state border.


Brewhouse cuisine 2.0: With us, vegetables are the star and regional meat at most the garnish. With our BIER x FOOD pairing, we combine our individual beer styles with creative dishes that are best shared and enjoyed together.


With our BRLO gastronomy we are rethinking traditional brewery kitchens and transforming classical concepts into the 21st century. On our menu, vegetables in all shapes and forms are the star cast - fermented, pickled, smoked or sometimes even cooked in a salt crust. Together with regional meats as the side dish, we round off our own interpretation of beer gastronomy.


We take beer & food pairing to a whole new level: All dishes are matched to the aromatic variety of BRLO beers and perfect flavor combinations are created from vegetables and our diverse creations from the brew kettle. When have you ever tasted a Berliner Weisse in its natural form and then combined with apples in all aggregate states before? And so that you can try as much as possible with family and friends, everything comes with sharing plates.


As with beer, we pay great attention to the right choice of ingredients in the restaurants and are committed to supporting local producers from the region. Therefore, our menu changes several times a year and always adapts to the current season.


Allow us to brag for a second. We are very proud that our restaurants have already received numerous awards for their unmistakable style and unique menu creations. Among other things, the BRLO Brwhouse received the FIZZ Award for the best beer concept and is the only brewery that has been listed in Gault & Millau every year since 2018.