UEFA Euro 2024 Live Screening BRLO Beer Garden

UEFA Euro 2024 Live Screening BRLO Beer Garden

UEFA Euro 2024 is just around the corner and we can't wait to celebrate the biggest soccer event of the year with you!

This year we will once again be hosting our popular live screening in the beer garden, giving you the opportunity to watch all the games in the open air with a cool BRLO beer.

A small selection of tables can now be reserved online for the live screening of Euro 2024 at our BRLO BRWHOUSE beer garden.

It pays to be quick, as most of the places available for reservation are already fully booked!

As in soccer, there are of course a few rules for your reservation:

Duration: Each reservation is valid for the duration of ONE game.

Prerequisite: A booking is always linked to the purchase of a BRLO EM package in the amount of € 93

This package is calculated for up to 6 people and includes

  • 1x BRLO Party keg Helles 5L
  • 3x BBQ popcorn
  • 3x Spreewald gherkins
  • 2x nuts
  • 2x still/sparkling water

Click here to book:

Please note: To book a table, select "1 person" (1 person = reservation for max. 6 people for 1 game)

Just bring your maximum of five other friends to the game!

Due to the high demand, we can only reserve a limited selection of tables directly in front of the screen and cannot guarantee that all guests will receive a reservation. However, this year we will be setting up more smaller screens on the site so that good seats can still be found spontaneously.

The public viewing will take place whatever the weather. We have prepared covered areas for you.

We look forward to an exciting EM 2024 and to welcoming numerous guests!

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