CO2 Footprint

CO2 Footprint

As a small company, we care a lot about making our processes sustainable and using our raw materials as efficiently as possible. In 2021, we started to calculate ourCO2 footprint with the Klimatech start-up Planetly, determine measures for reduction and then offset them via selected climate protection projects. Unfortunately, Planetly was surprisingly shut down from one day to the next at the end of November 2022, and with it our access to the established calculation processes (which can't really be automated yet for a manufacturing company) and data. This showed us how vulnerable the system of suchCO2 start-ups is, all working with their own "climate seals". Currently, we are in the process of regrouping here, learning about possible new partners* and approaches, and planning next steps. We will therefore no longer carry the "climate neutral production" seal with immediate effect, but bottles with the Planetly logo will probably still be on sale for a few months. Our goal is still to measure our footprint accurately and to derive measures for medium- and long-term reduction step by step. We will inform you here about further steps!


We know that there are still many things we can improve to make ourCO2 emissions, energy balance and use of resources even more sustainable. Nevertheless, it is important for us to start the process and grow with our challenges in the coming years.

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In 2021, we recalculated our emissions for 2020 and based on that, calculated an estimate of emissions for 2021 that we offset. In total, ourCO2 emissions amount to 2,935tCO2.

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